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AED-Grant-300x215.pngUnder the leadership of Mercy Hospital-Devils Lake (ND), 12 small hospitals have joined forces in rural AED Collaborative to place 220 AEDs in rural Minnesota and North Dakota.  While the 12 sites are bound through common service barriers (rurality, distance and limited resources) and organizational ties (Catholic Health Initiatives sponsorship), their choice of local partners and AED placements reflect the unique needs and strong networks of each community.

The Health Resources and Services Administration awarded the three-year grant to CHI Mercy Hospital Devils Lake and 11 CHI rural Hospitals within its Fargo Division through its Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant Program.  The third and final year of the grant closed in August.

Twenty three AEDs were placed throughout the Williston are:

Year 1 :

  • Bethel Lutheran Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (2)
  • Recreation Center (3)
  • Northwest Human Resource Center (1)

Year 2 :

  • Williston Council for the Aging (1)
  • Slolin Field Airport (1)
  • Confluence/Ft. Buford State Historic Site (2)
  • Upper Missouri Valley Fair Ground (3)
  • Upper Missouri Ministries Bible Camp (1)

Year 3 :

  • Williston State College (3)
  • Williston Court Administration/Williams County (2)
  • Williston Parks and Recreation District (3)
  • Opportunity Foundation (1)

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